Welcome to Meltdown!

It's your job as the sole worker at the power plant to keep the output of your plant and the city's power demand in perfect harmony. If your plant's output and the city's power demand are not equal than you run a risk of your plant overheating and causing a nuclear tragedy upon the city. 

You are given brain teaser questions that will raise or lower the power output of your plant (visualized by the horizontal yellow line on the graph).

Once the game begins the city's power demands will start rolling in (visualized by the blue dots moving across the graph), if your plant's power output isn't in sync with the city's demand when it crosses the power transfer point (visualized by the vertical yellow line) the core's heat will raise. If the power output and power demand is in sync then your core will cool down. If your core gets too hot a meltdown happen and the game is over.

See how long you can last in this brain teaser tense situation!

Feel free to post your timings or thought in the comment section below and thanks for playing!

This game was made in less than a week for Week 90 of the Weekly Game Jam!

LashGhost Itch

Art: @LashGhost

Code: @DevinWeidinger

Audio: Brent Miller


w90 Meltdown Builds.zip 120 MB
w90 Meltdown.apk 25 MB


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